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Pro Spect Insurance,

We find new customers for you

Having a hard time finding new referrals?
Your schedule is open with extra time on your hands?

Pro Spect Insurance is the ideal solution for advisors who want to focus their efforts on selling, not canvassing.

Through its marketing efforts and client acquisition tools, Pro Spect can offer its network of financial security advisors motivated clients with high closing potential.

By joining our network, you will benefit from qualified client referrals based on your location and performance. This allows you to focus on what you do best!

Stay independent in your practice

Pro Spect helps you build a clientele that you can then own.

Want to learn more about this opportunity?

Contact our department of lead generation in complete confidentiality .

Telephone: 1-855-494-LEAD

Prospect assurances

1205, rue Ampère, bureau 201
Boucherville (Québec)
J4B 7M6

1 877-834-4884 x146